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Midnight Lace Obsidian is recognised by its special, lace-like pattern. This mineral is transparent with beautiful, collateral, black layers.

To make its qualities even more noticeable it has to be cut into thin items (e.g. hearts, doughnuts, soap stones…) and hold it up to the light to get its inner fire to glow.

1_Donut_Lamellenobsidian_XL 9_Lamellenobsidian_Spiegel_SE 7_Lamellenobsidian 6_Herzanhaenger 4_Engel 5_Herz_gebohrt 3_Donut_obsidian 2_Muster_obsidian 16_Struktur 17_Taschenstein 15_Spiegel_welle 12_Seifenstein_MEGA 13_Spiegel_Extra 10_Flintknapping 11_Ring